Update 1.1.3

October 18, 2017

Submitted: 9/18/2017

This update fixes a few bugs and issues that have crept up:

  • (Fix) The Picker control would crash when selected if there were no options to choose from.
  • (Fix) Images were not saved correctly to the database, causing loss whenever the app was restarted.
  • (Fix) The Remote Services Manager would crash if there were no remote services set up.
  • (Fix) When editing a Text Field, tapping on “Done” on the keyboard would dismiss the keyboard but would not unfocus the field.
  • (Fix) The Map view would not store data correctly (or at all in some cases).
  • (Fix) The Map view was not laying out it’s views correctly when focused on.
  • (Partial Fix) Applied some fixes to the Audio control, but really the control need a small refactor. However, I wanted to get this update out first and refactoring the audio control may take a bit of time.