1.0.81 - Released 10/3/2013

September 27, 2013

This will be the inevitable bug fix release for issues arising from the 1.0.8 update.


You can now Triple-tap on a word to select the entire line of text in a Text/Note Field.

Added Auto Save Selection option for reference fields. Enabled now by default, this option will automatically Save the selected record for a reference field as soon as you tap on it. You can disable this in the Reference Field’s options.


Bug Fixes

(Fixed) Audio Control: Tapping Forward (») skips to the end of the track rather than a few (5) seconds. Tapping Back («) works fine.

(Fixed) Calculations - Very rarely performing a calculation will crash.

(Fixed) Restoring a pre-1.0.8 database will also restore old (and possibly bad) remote services.

(Fixed) iOS 7 Only - Randomly (and fairly rarely) a button will not receive any taps. The only way to fix this is to exit the screen and re-enter it.

(Fixed) Crash when adding a Remote Service. This occurs if there is no account name.

(Fixed) “Tap To Rate Flexile” opened a blank page on the app store in iOS 7.

(Fixed) Map View - Sometimes you have to tap the “Done” button twice to exit if you’ve edited the Address.

(Fixed) Map View - After dragging the marker, the marker remains “stuck” on the map so if you drag the map, the marker doesn’t move with it. When this happens, you can’t move the marker again until you reenter the map.

(Fixed) Map View would crash when opening an imported address

(Fixed) The Edit Icon in the Map View Address wasn’t visible

(Fixed) The Map View Marker was offset incorrectly so that it was centered on the address instead of the tip.

(Fixed) In some very, very rare cases, a record might not save if it has Links but no records attached to those links. It was only occurring in some very old records likely caused by previous (unreleased) bugs during the development cycle.