iOS 7 & Update 1.0.8

September 24, 2013

Yesterday I submitted to Apple, Flexile Update 1.0.8. This is a major update that includes changes to Flexile’s themes and user interface as well as the addition of several new field types and features. For more info, see the release-notes. To be honest, I had hoped to submit this before iOS 7 was released, but like almost every time-goal I have ever set for Flexile, I missed it. I always seem to underestimate exactly how much work goes into features I want to add. Although as far as “misses” go, this one is fairly minor… only a few days.

Unfortunately, I discovered early Saturday morning that the current release of Flexile (1.0.7) was crashing on iOS 7 and rendering it almost useless. For those that are experiencing this: I am so sorry. When iOS 7 was released to developers I was already well underway with the new update. I started using it on iOS 7 and while there were certainly bugs, this crashing bug wasn’t there. I should have tested 1.0.7 on iOS 7 but I was planning on releasing the update before iOS 7 dropped and I was too busy working on the update… lesson learned (hopefully). Version 1.0.8 is a big update, but I plan on releasing more incremental updates in the future. This is almost required now that iOS 7 auto-updates apps.

The next week or so I’ll update the website. Not only does almost every image need to be replaced, but I’ve also got some neat features planned for the website itself. And, of course, I’ve got more support I need to add for the new features in Flexile. All of it “Coming Soon”. Until then, most of the content of the website is still valid, if not slightly dated.