May 24, 2013

I’ve finally finished the Import and Export for Flexile.  The import especially is very sophisticated, allowing for duplication detection, splitting import columns into multiple tables and auto-link generation between related records.  Moreover, it was implemented with a drag and drop interface and should make it pretty easy to import your data.  Of course, I didn’t neglect export, so you’re data is no longer “trapped” in Flexile.​

​From here I plan on updating the website, which has been neglected for far too long.  I expect to be working on that for the next week or so before I jump back into Flexile development.  I am giving thought to doing a little marketing for Flexile.  While it’s not quite where I’d like it to be, it is shaping up to be a pretty solid app.  It may just be about time to start getting the word out about Flexile.​

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a few specific types of fields in Flexile, so I intend on working on those next.  Unlike Import & Export, which took a couple months to finish, I’m hoping to release update a bit more frequently.  This should no only squash bug quicker, but also get new features into user’s hands quicker.  No solid promises, but here’s what I hope to implement over the next couple months:

  • Concatenation Field… I intend on providing a drag and drop interface. Along with that, I want to look into developing a ternary condition you can insert into the formula (if ? then : else). If that’s successful, I’ll probably port it over to the calculation field.

  • Running Balance Field… I’ve got some ideas on how to implement this and keep the data current. I will probably also include with this aggregate total on all number based fields via a bottom toolbar in the recordset.​

  • Linked Field… Currently, you can “pull” information from links through aggregate fields, but that’s limited to number-based fields. Instead, the Linked Field will pull a single value from a linked record’s field based on certain criteria: First Linked, Last Linked, some equal to , etc.​