1.0.6 - Released 5/24/2013

May 20, 2013

Submitted to Apple: 5/20/2013

New Features & Changes

==== IMPORT ====​

The biggest feature in this release is a sophisticated import process.  Flexile can now import CSV (comma separated values), TSV (tab separated values) and the local Contact Database.  Flexile is also now registered with the Apple to receive CSV files, so you can open those files in Flexile from other apps.  The import is quite sophisticated, having the following features:

Drag and Drop system for matching Import Columns to Fields.​

Split a single import file into multiple tables.

Auto generate Links between imported records that are split between tables.

Match columns to multiple instances of the same table.

Match a single column multiple times.​

Define Default values for empty fields and/or empty import values.

Duplication Detection on fields you specify.

​Prevent Import Data from overwriting existing data (used in conjunction with duplication detection).

Import images (from local Contact Database only)​

Save the match configuration as templates you can apply to other imports (a huge time saver).​

==== Export ====​

Flexile can now export records as a CSV file to be upload to a remote service or emailed.  ​Export Features include:

​Export based on currently displayed record set. This means the export can be filtered and ordered by altering the current record set.

Export Linked Records along with the current recordset.

An option to consolidate Linked Records by combining multiple linked records on a single ​export row.

Compress (zip) the export.​

==== Backup, Restore & Remote Services ====​

In addition to Dropbox, Flexile has added support to two new remote services: SugarSync & Box.net.

There is a new Service Manager for managing all your remote services.​

All services can now have multiple accounts.​

There is a new File Browser for navigating remote systems and selecting/adding/modifying files/folders. The Export, Import, Backup & Restore functions of Flexile all use the new file browser.​

==== Cosmetic Changes ====​

iPad only - The iPad now displays all of the table is a sidebar rather than in full screen. This should provide a little quicker, more integrated feel. If you like the old system, you can change the table display back to a full screen grid in Flexile’s settings.

All 3D cube-like transitions have been switched out with sliding animations and the animations have been sped up. While the 3D cube animations were kind of fun, they took to long to complete which slowed down navigation.

==== Bug Fixes ====​

Of course, there were the normal requisite bug fixes.  At this point, though, I have no idea which bugs were actually present in the previous release and which ​cropped up due to the development process.