1.0.4 - Released 12/10/2012

November 16, 2012


Added the ability to set Text Alignment on all Text Based Fields except Note fields. Also includes Picker fields and Checkbox Fields.

Added a new Time Picker because, frankly, the old one was horrible (IMO).

Bug Fixes

(Fixed) Phone Number Formatter was displaying the first character in format string when field value is nil.

(Fixed) Picker Control wasn’t being formatted correctly when for custom user settings.

(Fixed) Blank Links show up rarely and randomly… the problem occurred randomly enough that I couldn’t replicate it while debugging. While it hasn’t occurred since the fix, I can’t be completely certain the fix worked.

(Fixed) Blank Records show up when Selecting Records for a link…again, this happens very randomly so I can’t completely confirm my fix has worked.

(Fixed) Tapping “Tables” while in a Record List and then immediately tapping a table (within .3 seconds of the animation completing) will cause Flexile to not load the table and instead display the Flexile logo.

(Fixed) iPhone Only - Color Picker options went offscreen in View Edit screen when iPhone was in Landscape.

(Fixed) Sometimes when selecting a time, the incorrect time was represented and/or it would actually cause the day to advance.

UI Changes

Replaced the standard Segmented Control with one of my own making. You should notice very little change (if any), except for perhaps some different animations when adding/removing section elements.

Editing Views on the iPad is no longer restricted to a specific orientation for all views except for the “List View in Landscape”, which will still Lock the orientation to “Landscape” because it needs the space.

Altered the background color for outgoing Links to be more distinct (greener).

Sped up orientation rotation animations when viewing a Record Detail (overlay). This should be most noticeable on the iPad 3.

Altered the Font Picker considerably. It now displays the font name/style in the actual font that is selected (rather than using a generic font).

Altered the Option Picker (same as used for Font Picking). Cosmetically, there’s a new cool animation when you select an option. Underneath the hood, a lot changed. The animation was actually necessary to keep consistency…plus it looks pretty neat.