1.0.1 - Released 11/2/2012

November 4, 2012

Submitted to Apple on 11/09/2012

Bug List

(Fixed) In certain situations duplicate Links appear for a record. This occurs if you add Links to a Record that hasn’t yet been loaded (haven’t visited the record), and then visit that record (causing it to load). Duplication only occurs in app (underlying Database contains correct links) and can be fixed by restarting Flexile. This error was caused by fixing the previous “Links not showing up” error in 1.0.1…. so basically I’ve been chasing my tail.

(Fixed) In certain situations (unclear) tapping on a Map Field will cause Flexile to crash. This occurs if another field has already been focused on, and that field had an input view (most of them) like a keyboard or picker.

(Fixed) TitleView was covering up the done button in portrait mode if the title/subtitle was too long.

(Fixed) Layout manager will “squish” a note field instead of putting it on a new page.

(Fixed) Setting the “Title Field” (in Table Options) to a newly created field results in Flexile crashing.

(Fixed) Wow…just wow… I managed to exclude “Notes” from table list Sorting and Searching options. How bad is that? If that’s not enough, I also excluded “Aggregate” and “Calculated” fields….I mean, we’re talking 6 lines of code. BAD developer, bad…..

(Fixed) Choosing a Number based search field in the Table List results in either a blank control (no control) or the wrong control.

(Fixed) iPad & iPhone in Landscape only - Changing the Category in Table Options causes the all options below to be ‘pushed’ down, leaving empty space or else overlapped (iPhone). Rotating the iPad fixes the layout.

(Fixed) Map View - Edit field is wrapping the address, making it hard to see the whole thing. For now, you can scroll ‘up’ but once I fix it you’ll be able to scroll ‘left’, which seems more natural.

(Fixed) In Table Options screen, I misspelled “Default Viewing Options” as “Default Viewing Options”…. I have no comment about that.

(Fixed) If a bluetooth keyboard is connected, Flexile will not expand text views to fill the screen. It will also permanently leave those text fields on the screen until the app is restarted. This is also preventing data entered in from being saved.

(Fixed) Searching for a record, then editing that record cause Flexile to crash if the edit causes the record to be added/removed from the search results.

(Fixed) Adding a field to a View, and then deleting the field will leave the field still showing in the View. If you restart Flexile, accessing any View that displays the deleted field causes a crash. You can get around this by deleting the view, but this fix will correct the problem without needing to delete the view.

(Fixed) Category List Items scroll over the Navigation Bar (rather than under it)

(Fixed) Rearranging Categories (not tables in the categories) causes Flexile to crash when moving an item to a lower order (from index > to index).

(Fixed) Deleting a Record will fail to delete other Record’s Links to the deleted Record if those Records hadn’t loaded their Links (Links are loaded when you open a Record). This resulted in blank Links in those records (which can be deleted).

(Fixed) Flexile uses the on screen views to detect field tab order. In some cases, it would incorrectly arrange the tab order of fields.

(Fixed) Up/Down arrows on BlueTooth Keyboard don’t always move like you’d expect. They also won’t move between paragraphs. And finally, moving the cursor using arrows won’t dismiss the menu if it’s onscreen.

(Fixed) Sometimes text in a Note Field will be offset off screen with no way to scroll.

(Fixed) Beta Keyboard. Key overlays (selection flash) didn’t match the key after device was rotated.

UI Changes

Altered the Link Selection view to show “Cancel” when there are selections and display the number of selected record in the title. This should make the UI a little clearer here (tap “Done” to add the Links).

Altered “Ascending”/”Descending” Picker control label font in Table Options so the text would fit the field.

Added “None” to Table Search options and defaulted the search to “None” to make the UI clearer and slightly less confusing.

Removed Copy-in button from fields in the record list since you can’t perform that function there.

Altered Copy-in Buttons to reflect their status. A Red button indicates that copying in a value will trigger other fields to copy on the same record. A Green button indicates that this field will copy in values when another field does (can also be done manually). A gray button indicates that this field will not trigger other fields to copy nor is triggered by other fields.

Can now sort by Picker List

Can now search with a Pick List