1.0.1 - Released 11/2/2012

October 22, 2012

Submitted to Apple: 10/25/2012

Bug List

(Fixed) Adding a Link to a Record that hasn’t loaded its links will cause that record to never load its links during a session. Subsequent sessions will show all links, including the one that was added, so no information is lost.

(Fixed) iPad Only. Creating a new category Section, rearranging sections and then immediately dragging a Table around can cause crash.

(Fixed) Tap area on Table Cells in certain views doesn’t fill view in landscape, missing Taps on the cell.

(Fixed) If Web View opens a video to watch, Flexile will crash after the video is done.

(Fixed) Web View won’t rotate with device.

(Fixed) Views created on one device won’t show up on another device if it was a different type (iPad vs iPhone vs iPhone 5), forcing the user to create separate views for each device type. Note: Fix will loose current views, but all views should now show up on each device.

(Fixed) Standard Modal Views presented for WebView and MailComposer from a Table List View doesn’t dismiss properly (part of the view remains on screen) until device rotation. Note: There is still a slight flicker, which I’m investigating, but overall it works fine.

(Fixed) Layout Manager isn’t taking up space it could in Table Views, effectively truncating Fields that could use more space (mostly an issue on iPhone)

(Fixed) Phone would go to sleep while backing up/restoring, causing the operation to fail.

(Fixed) On new installation, Flexile isn’t showing help bubbles.

(Fixed) Restore Files not loading after initial sign-in to Dropbox.

User Interface Changes

(iPhone only) Links can be accessed by swiping right when viewing a record. You can also swipe left on the Links view to get back to the record view. Also changed transition animations to give more consistency to the operation.

Added “Loading…” text in Restore File Selection control in the Backup/Restore View.

Altered the “Pinch Closed” gesture to display the Close Confirmation for unsaved data after you lift your finger (rather than at the beginning of the gesture). This allows you to “peek” behind the modal view without being interrupted by a confirmation box.