There are several places in Flexile that allows you to manage a list of items. Normally, these are text-based lists that often represent some specific type of data. For example, the list manager is used to manager:

  • Table Categories
  • Pick List Items
  • Remote Services
  • Import Templates

In most cases, the List manager will behave the same way, though in some cases actions like Adding or Editing may be slightly different. For instance, adding a Remote Service requires authentication and you can select an Import Template by tapping on it.


To add an item tap on the the Add button. What happens when you tap on the add button will depend on what the list manager is managing. For the vast majority of the time, adding an item will bring up a text field with the keyboard so you can enter in a new item name. The biggest caveat to this is Remote Services, which will ask you which service you want to add (see the Remote Services Tutorial for more info). In all cases, though, tapping the add button will result in adding an item. Regardless, it should be obvious what to do after you tap the Add button.

Editing & Selecting

To edit an item simply tap on it… except for Import Templates, which will select the item to apply to the current import (see the Tutorial for more info). I will be the first to admit that this was a bad design choice. I’m looking into finding a better way to implement this, but for now keep in mind that tapping on an item in Import Templates will select that template. In all other instances of the List Manager tapping on an item will edit it.

You can also tap on the Edit button explicitly to place the list in editing mode. In all situations, when the list is in editing mode, you can tap on an item to edit it.


To delete an item, Swipe Right on the list item you want to delete. You’ll see a confirmation that’ll ask you if you want to delete the item. To Delete, tap on the Delete? button. To cancel, tap the Cancel button or Swipe Left on the item.

Per usual, you can also delete by using Apple’s default method for deleting items. Tap on the Edit button. This will display a round “-“ button next to each item. Tap the “-“ button and a confirmation Delete button will show up on the right. Tap that, and the item will be deleted.


List items can be rearranged. To move an item, Tap & Hold on the item (won’t take long… about 1/4 second) until it turns transparent. You can then drag and drop that item where you want it.

And, of course, you can tap on the Edit button. A grab handle will show up to the left of each list item. Drag that grab handle to move the list item to where you want it.