Creating Tables is a fairly easy process. However, if you’re not sure what a table actually is (and no… not the wood kind you eat on) then I recommend you take a look at Understanding Flexile, which explains some key concepts important in Flexile. Mostly, all you really need to do is tap on the Add button in the table list, enter the Name of the table into the appropriate field and save the table. Of course, you can’t really do anything with the table, but hey… at least you created one right? Truth is, after you create a table you’ll really want to look into adding Fields to the table so it can be useful. For more information on how to do this, look at the Fields Tutorial.

Table Options

If you’re creating a new table, you’ll only have the Name, Description and Category options. Once you save the table, though, the rest of the options will appear.

Table Info

Name: This, of course, is the table name. Yes, you have to have one and Flexile will limit the table name to about 50 characters. Description: Use the description to add additional details for the table. It’s often helpful to add instructions for how the table is to be used. Be aware that the description will appear in the table listing… at least, as much as can be fit. Category: This will allow you to select the category you want the table to appear in. By default the Uncategorized category will be used.

Table Construction

Fields & Views: These are actually buttons that will bring you to the Field List or View List so you can manage your table’s fields and views. We won’t really be going over those in this tutorial since they’re covered in a lot more detail in other tutorials. For more information, check out the Fields Tutorial and the Views Tutorial.

Default Viewing Options

Title Field: This will allow you to set the field used for displaying a record’s title. By default, Flexile will only display “Record” for the title, which honestly isn’t all that descriptive. Title’s can be really helpful so I recommend setting one. Default View: This will allow you to set your default view, assuming you’ve created any. If you haven’t, then Flexile will use it’s own layout engine for displaying your data. Sort Field: This will allow you to sort the records in the table on a field (either ascending or descending) by default. If you don’t set this option, Flexile will sort the records in the order they were created.


This will allow you to create a password for this table. Once you create a password, you’ll be give a couple more options but we discuss this in more detail in the Passwords Tutorial.